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Andrew Frishman

Big Picture Learning
Co-Executive Director
Greater Boston Area
In the spring of 2002 Andrew heard a student describe his unique transformational learning experiences at The Met High School in Providence, RI, the “mother ship” of the Big Picture Learning Network. That fall, Andrew joined the Met as an Advisor (Teacher) of a 9th grade advisory group until their graduation in 2006. He moved to the Met Sacramento High School, worked with its first graduating class, and became the school’s first “Learning Through Internship Coordinator.” Andrew has assisted with the expansion of the Big Picture Network in a variety of capacities, including supporting the launch of innovative schools across the US and internationally. Andrew’s experiences as an educator and in MAT program, an administrative credential focused on urban schools, and a Health Leadership Program, combine in his belief that student-centered education is a crucial determinant of both individual life outcomes as well as community public health and well-being. He completed the Education Leadership Program (EdLD) at Harvard University and joined the BPL leadership team in 2013.